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Land Logistics

Ushipslogistics Logistics supplies fast, secure and economic road transport solutions for all continental Europe Middle East and CIS countries, thanks to its solution partnerships with leading agencies around the world.

Ushipslogistics Logistics, all comply with European environmental standards, provide logistical support with a fleet equipped with a green and quiet engine characteristics .It has contracted offices, warehouses and distribution centers located in different places in USA.

Ushipslogistics is one of the leading organizations in the industry that serves as freight forwarder although it is a fleet manager.

Ushipslogistics Logistics is delivering the desired product on time according to the demands of the customers with the world’s leading branded agency network on desired time. It shares all process with its customers in all its transparency.

Our services
-Import / Export transportation
-Partial / Full load organizations
-Daily scheduled departures
-Express vehicle organization -Mini Van transports
-Textiles transportation
-Automotive spare parts and machinery transports -Heavy transport and project transport organization -Transportation with temperature-controlled (refrigerated) vehicles
-Dangerous goods transports
-Packaging services
-Door to door delivery
-Insurance and customs services
-7/24 hour distribution and collection service within the whole Europe

Let us Know your requirements so we can give you a very suitable and cost efficient offer not leaving out time factor